Thanksgiving Turkeys! Now available for preorder

September 4, 2019

Turkeys are a new addition at Fresh Valley Farms this year. We chose a broad-breasted white turkey for their flavour and size. Fun to have around these turkeys make dramatic escapes from their pastured haven to strut slowly around the farm gobbling at the top of their voices.

Needless to say we will be raising turkeys again in future years. They love being on pasture and make excellent use of whatever forage they are given, actively supplementing their certified-organic grain-based diet with whatever they find.

You can now reserve your Thanksgiving turkey on the website! Fed exclusively certified organic feed, and raised on our transitional organic land, these turkeys will be $4.75/lb. We ask for a $20 deposit, and you pay the balance when you pick up either Friday, October 11th, on the farm in Armstrong, or Saturday, October 12th at Urban Harvest. Find the turkey pre-order with the Homesteader Boxes on our website!!

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