Nestled against a mountain backdrop in Spallumcheen BC, Fresh Valley Farms is two quarter section farms owned and run by the Meggait family. The original farm was bought by William Meggait in 1922 and is farmed to this day by the next three successive generations. 

Today with the continued support of his family, Steve Meggait and his partner Annelise Grube-Cavers have expanded from beef cattle to include pastured poultry and heritage pork. With their two young children in tow you will find them working on various other farm projects always with a focus on sustainability.

This diverse, family farm produces hay, grain, calves, piglets, beef, pork, turkey, and chicken using all natural, regenerative systems. There are no chemical inputs used on the farm. The cattle only eat grass and alfalfa grown on the farm, and the pigs and chickens have ample access to pasture. What feed we do bring onto the farm is certified organic (for the poultry), and GMO free for the pork. During the 2020 growing season the farm will officially be Certified Organic with the North Okanagan Organic Association (NOOA). We have been Transitional Organic with NOOA since applying for certification in the spring of 2019, and in 2020 we will be transitioning our pork to organic as well! Stay tuned as the farm and farming activities continue to expand!

To keep up with the day-to-day activities on the farm follow us on instagram or facebook. There are photos and stories of the farming we do, along with culinary inspiration from our own kitchen adventures.


Pasture Raised Pigs

mixed heritage breeds born and raised on pasture, fed GMO-free and local, spray-free grains. Then butchered and cured by local artisan butchers

Pasture Raised Chicken

transitional Organic, happy, healthy chickens raised on grass and processed right on the farm.

100% Grass Fed Beef

transitional Organic, born and raised on pasture and finished on regeneratively managed grassland. Good for you and the planet.

Pasture Raised Turkey

transitional Organic, raised on pasture, and processed on the farm.

What We Offer