Open Farm Day! Coming up on June 15th 2024

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May 2, 2024

Life on the farm is busy and exciting. The grass has grown up past Finley's knees, and we've been enjoying all kinds of delicious foods including fresh greens we got from Pilgrim's Produce in Armstrong, lentils from Fieldstone Organics, cooked with curry powder and onions in our chicken and turkey bone broth, topped with feta from Jerseyland Organics.

This week Steve and I are hosting a number of agriculture sector leaders on the farm to talk farm policy, and to show what we've been up to on our own operation. This kind of agricultural partnership building is something we are very passionate about, and having the guesthouse on the farm as a space that is able to accommodate a number of people, and provide meeting space as well, is superb. The Small Scale Meat Producers' Association, the National Farmers' Union, Farm Folk City Folk, the Young Agrarians, Organic BC, and the Organic Federation of Canada were all represented at this meeting.

We have processed the first few chickens of the year! These chickens are big. The constant movement of the RovaBarn, and the climatic controls it provides has really exceeded our expectations with this first batch, and we are very happy with the quality of chicken going into the freezer. The chickens are given access to three feet of fresh forage every half hour from 8am in the morning until 7:30pm at night, and when given the opportunity chickens are voracious foragers!

This has also been a spring of Plenty of Pork. We have partnered with a nearby farm, and longtime friend of ours, who runs Woodcliffe farms, just a few kilometres from us. She now does all of the farrowing for our farm and we buy piglets when they are weaned (at 6 weeks) and raise them up to full market hog size. The size of our herd of hogs depends on the number of piglets she has, and we just had about 30 hogs all finish out at the same time. This meant that we have been able to be a bit more creative with our butchering, our curing, and our meat packs. We introduced the Pastured Pork Pack last week, which is a premium pack of ready-to-grill porky-eats that is 10% off sticker price - a similar value to the homesteader box if you're looking to add to your supply. This is a limited offer and will change based on what we have available. Right now it contains some of the premium cuts, including tenderloin, and soon we will switch it up to include pork belly.

We also JUST got some back bacon back from the smokehouse, like our other bacons and hams this is cured with cultured celery. I had some for lunch and it is DELICIOUS. It is a product that we used to make regularly, but haven't had in the larder for years and years, and it is nice to have it back! We also go some more smoked shoulder bacon - bacon for every occasion.

If you have ever reached out for a farm tour, or if you have come on a farm tour in the past and want to see what has changed, or want to bring a new friend or neighbour out - June 15th is the day to mark on your calendar! We are calling this our Open Farm Day and we will have tours of the farm on the hour from 11am to 3pm. We plan to have a bbq setup where you can sample some sausage, or purchase a whole sausage on a bun, and our favourite sweet friends (the honey producers from Wild Antho) will be there doing honey refills! There will also be a local veggie grower so you can stock up on meats from us, and veg from them! This event on the farm is conveniently timed so that you can check out the Armstrong Farmers' Market before you come to visit us, and if you don't grab a sausage here you can head to Cambium Cidery in Vernon, or The Clove in Armstrong, or stop at the wonderful local food truck Mia Amore. Make a day of it!

Thanks for following along with our farm story!

from Annelise and the crew at Fresh Valley Farms

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