On soups, stocks, broths, and bones

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December 1, 2019

Perfect for making use of all those holiday leftovers, soups are a regular-day super-food. And I'm not using that term in the amorphous way that 'superfoods' get named for whatever is trendy (read: avocadoes, spinach, blueberries etc etc). I love me a good blueb, but soup is a super food in a different kind of way. It's a superhero food. The food that saves the day. The food that can be pulled from the freezer, or whisked up fresh, in a matter of minutes. It's the hero that comes to the rescue when you have multiple kids just past the point of hungry. To the point of hangry. And two adults who share that same child-like metabolism and level of daily activity. And I haven't even mentioned the magical effects of soup on sore-throats, and congestion of all sorts. 

Some rules for soup:

1) Always make more than you need so you can freeze some for a later, grumbling-tummies-hungry point in time.

2) When there's time you should sauté your veggies in pork fat, schmaltz, or butter for added flavour. When there isn't time don't worry about it and just chuck it all in the pot.

3) Don't overcook your noodles if you're adding noodles. And if you're making leftovers cook your noodles on the side to avoid their imminent demise in the process of reheating.

That's all I can think of right now. My quick solution for soup is: chicken or turkey broth (or a mix for something delicious), crushed garlic, grated carrot, salt and pepper to taste. Ready in five minutes if the broth is already defrosted in your fridge.

Post-Highlights: Through this post you should have learned that 1) Annelise loves soup, and 2) that she doesn't have time to write well-researched blogs on bone broth (you can find those elsewhere), and that 3) her and her kids have a tendency to get over-the-hill of hungry so that occasionally drastic measures must be taken.

 Enjoy your soups!

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