Pasture Raised Certified Organic Turkey is back in stock!

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August 23, 2021

There is lots to lament right now; drought, wildfires, and a few heatwaves to name a few, but I think we'll skip those dour notes and focus on how you could practically smoke some pork this past month in the Okanagan just by leaving it outside.... maybe that's a depressing thought too. 

How about this for some good news, we have turkey back in stock! We had our first boneless turkey roast this month, and sold a few to some excited customers. Made from our own pasture raised, certified organic, turkey. It was delicious. A blend of dark and light meat, so you get some of both in every cross-cut slice, this was a definite crowd pleaser. For the crowd of four who live in this house and are commonly referred to as my nuclear family. But our standards are high, so the size of the crowd doesn't mean it's an easy one to please. We will have a limited number available for order the weeks prior to Thanksgiving so check back regularly!

You will also find replenished supplies of ground turkey, turkey thighs, turkey wings, turkey drumsticks, and turkey sausage too. Smoked turkey drumsticks are coming soon to the website! 

You can now place your order for a whole fresh turkey for pick-up the week prior to Thanksgiving, or we have a handful of frozen turkeys if you need one before October 5th (our earliest fresh turkey availability date). 

Turkey parts can be braised, pan-fried, roasted, bbq'd, or put on your balcony (erm, I mean your smoker bbq). You could slow cook them for a stew, or make a thinner turkey soup. I know that working outdoors I've been craving soothing ginger soups for my throat and lungs on the smokiest days, but hopefully this rain will put an end to that. It's been a harsh season, that's for sure. But there are other challenges in life. Like listening to a nearly-three-year-old play endless solos on a harmonica while you try to write a newsletter/blog post.... sometimes there is a simple solution; noise-cancelling headphones. 

Other times, there are more complex problems, like mitigating pollution, or trying to best manage water resources during extreme heat and drought events, and the solution ain't so clear and definitely cannot be accomplished by one person.

The smoke shall pass, and maybe we will collectively be wiser when it does, and maybe we will put more energy into using less energy in society as a whole. I'm feeling more motivated in these adverse conditions to communicate with people my own goals of environmental stewardship. Maybe the challenges of drought, and extreme heat, exacerbated by intense smoke, will prompt more people to support certified organic, and regenerative farming practices, to buy local and sustain robust, resilient, local food systems with a diversity of products rather than just a very few crops. 

One can hope so, and one can advocate for diversification in agriculture, and for respecting nature.

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