Homesteader Trial Box

Homesteader Trial Box

The best way to join the Homesteader Box Program, get a Trial Box to sample a variety of our delicious, pasture-raised meats!

The best way to join the Fresh Valley Farms Homesteader Box Program is by trying a delicious Homesteader Trial Box (first-time customers only). 

This box is available to customers who are considering joining the Homesteader Box program. As a first-time Homesteader Box customer this box should give you a good idea of what variety and quantity of meat you would expect on a monthly basis as a subscribed customer. And for the same price!

In the 'ingredients' section you will see an example of what this box could contain, though contents vary depending on our inventory.

Enjoy your Trial Box!You can also sign up to become a subscriber to the Homesteader Box Program, but note that there may be a waitlist (people don't tend to unsubscribe too often) so you may not be able to become a regular monthly member right away.

*Please note, sticker price may differ from website price


EXAMPLE ONLY Whole or Half Chicken, Chicken Thighs (x2), Boneless Chicken Breast (x2), Drumsticks, Bratwurst, Breakfast Sausage, Ground Chicken and/or Ground Beef,