Pasture Pork Pack - grilling time

Pasture Pork Pack - grilling time

A beautiful selection of premium pork - Certified Organic and Pasture Raised
Save $17.00

This pasture pork pack is our good grilling version of this box. Ready to be cooked fast and easy on a hot skillet, or on a bbq, this pack makes for easy eats and it is all our certified organic pasture raised pork. The Thyme Rosemary Sausage also does contain some beef. 

Included are:

- one pack bratwurst sausages (4 dinner sized sausages)

- one pack thyme rosemary sausages (4 dinner sized sausages 60% pork and 40% grass fed and finished beef)

- one pack of our delicious bacon made with cultured celery

- one pack of (2) boneless pork chops

- one pack of (2) bone-in pork chops

- one whole pork tenderloin (approximately 0.85 lbs)

- one pack of delicious spare ribs (2.25 lbs - a generous portion for 4)

- one pound of ground pork!