Mixed Offal for Dog Food

Mixed Offal for Dog Food

pork offal, and beef offal - not for human consumption - that has gotten frosty or lost its label
$3.50 /lb.
Avg. 10 lb.

**This product varies so the description below is written to apply to whatever is in the freezer**

A bulk bag that varies based on what's in the freezer. Beef and pork offal, packaged variously (could be tongue and kidney together). Most packages are between 1lb and 3 lbs and then are bagged in a larger bag. 

Non-edible, ideal for dog/cat food. This is one 10 lb bag made up of smaller packages of various products.

At other times it may include smaller packages of chicken bits like backs and necks as well as whole offal: liver, kidney and heart from beef and pork and chicken. 

*Please note, sticker price may differ from website price