The Big Roasty-Snacky Box (D)

The Big Roasty-Snacky Box (D) - product exclusively for monthly subscribers
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**Homesteader Boxes are only available once per month as we pack them all at the same time and deliver them on the second Saturday of each month, and throughout the week prior**

This box usually contains a beef roast, as well as another large item like a ham, chicken, or ribs in addition  to our standard items, usually bacon, sausage, ground pork and/or ground beef. This box is a heftier box of meat for those households who are looking for a little more than what's in our standard box.

Join the waitlist for the Homesteader Box program here, and in the meantime you can order from whatever wide variety of meats is available on our website.

**Photo is just an example for more specific box contents, please refer to the CSA members newsletter, or the ingredient list below.


whole chicken, beef roast, braisable beef (stew or shank), pork chops, chicken liver pate, hotdogs, ground beef, bacon