the bigger homesteader box (D)

the bigger homesteader box (D)

the bigger homesteader box - product exclusively for monthly subscribers
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**Homesteader Boxes are only available once per month as we pack them all at the same time and deliver them on the second Saturday of each month, and throughout the week prior**

This box contains a rotation of favourites such as premium beef, ham, or pork roast, as well as all of this months' specials, including a whole roaster chicken, or multiples of chicken parts, bacon, sausage, ground pork and/or beef. Become a CSA member today and get this Big Family box for only $150. Please note that there may be a waitlist (people don't tend to unsubscribe too often!) so you will likely not be able to become a regular monthly member right away.

**Photo is just an example for more specific box contents, please refer to the CSA members newsletter, or the ingredient list below.


The Big Family Gone Camping Box Whole large chicken, Thighs (x2), Drumsticks, Pork Chops (x2), Spare Ribs, Ground Chicken, Ground Pork or Ground Beef, Bacon