Homesteader Box D

Roast - the BIG FAMILY BBQ Box
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This box contains a seasonal favourite such as ham or turkey, or premium beef or pork roast, as well as all of this months' specials, including bacon, sausage, ground pork and/or beef. This product is reserved for our CSA members. Although you can order it as a non member, you will not be given the $35 discount our members receive.

For more specific box contents, please refer to the CSA members newsletter. 


Beef Roast (cross rib roast, chuck roast, round roast), Whole Chicken (or two half chickens if requested), Chicken Thighs (x3),  Bratwurst (x2), Pork Chops (x3), Ground Beef and/or Ground Pork (x3), Bacon and/or Smoked Shoulder Bacon