Grass Fed Organic Garlic & Dill Cheese

Grass Fed Organic Garlic & Dill Cheese

Jerseyland Organics Grass Fed Certified Organic Cheese
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Cheese from BC's longest standing organic dairy and cheese maker, Jerseyland is based in Grand Forks and their herd of jersey milk cows has access to the outdoors year-round as well as being rotated across pastures in the summer months. You can taste the difference in the quality and texture of their cheese.

We have been enjoying their cheeses in our family for a long time, and we have done so by purchasing bulk amounts and freezing our extra cheese for later, with no loss to quality! In order to fit this new product in with our existing ordering and pick-up plan cheeses will be packed in with your frozen meats so may be partially or entirely frozen when you receive them. This is new territory for us so we're open to comments!

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