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April 16, 2021


If you're reading this post hopefully you were grabbed by the title about us hiring one or more farm hands to help us around the farm this summer. We are looking for farm workers who are enthusiastic about agriculture, and want to learn more about building a small, diversified, pasture-raised livestock business. Our ideal candidate, and the person/people who would gain the most from this experience would be those who envision themselves in a future in animal husbandry.

You can read a full description of the job at this link, or you can review the list of tasks below to see if you're interested. 

Hours: between 15 and 30 hours per week depending on skills and level of interest/ availability of the candidate 

Wage: starts at $18/hr with the potential to have wage increases based on skill, ability, and motivation. 

To apply please send an email to info@freshvalleyfarms.ca with the reasons you're interested. Highlight your most relevant work/volunteer/life experiences and attach a resume. And if you're not looking for work yourself, but know someone who is, please spread the word!

Candidate must be comfortable lifting 40lbs, and the ideal candidate would be highly solution-oriented, willing and able to learn and ask questions, but also able to think of creative solutions and ways to improve existing systems.

Here is a range of farm tasks that would be included, but there would be more!

- setting and moving mobile electric fencing

- clearing brush and building new fencing

- daily chores (feeding, watering, checking livestock. Includes broiler chickens, pigs, cattle, and turkeys)

- building new housing, renovating/repairing/maintaining existing shelters and paddocks

- landscaping, and general maintenance of farm and property (ie cutting grass, pruning brush, bucking firewood)

- cleaning equipment, chicken brooder, animal troughs, waterers, etc

- labeling meat

- managing freezer inventory, packing orders, processing orders,

- potentially interacting with customers, running pick-ups

- potentially some marketing; newsletter writing, on-farm photography; social media

We look forward to hearing from you!

PS this is not the ideal forage height for rotational grazing, but I like the photo!

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